Captain’s log. Stardate 2022.01.31

Captain’s log. Stardate 2022.01.31

January has seen a substantial increase in ship-wide activity.
We are enjoying both our ship’s Crew Steps Challenge and the STARFLEET Medical Planet’s Steps Challenge.

Cmdr Bosco Burns is the director for our Chapter Awards this year and I’m enjoying the role of camera operator for his announcements. Capt Ivar Bardie is taking on the Belle website and I am enjoying working with him on the project. Many thanks to him!

Cadet Alice was very brave and despite being scared of needles (there was no hypospray option) she got her first covid vaccine. We’re all very proud of her.

Lt Conn McAlevey is overseeing our cinema outings to see the new Japanese anime Belle. We have seen it once so far and more crew will be seeing it in February. The event is called “Belle on the Belle” for obvious reasons and we were delighted when the USS Moebius joined us virtually to discuss it.

There is a real sense of positivity amongst the crew now and talk of us having a party soon too!

Yours in service,

FCAPT Phyllis Seale Foynes,
CO,USS Liberty Belle.