Just rambling

As I sit here in front of my PC, I wonder what would be going on at a star trek  space station. Work is allowing me to work from home, so my mind drifts away sometimes. I don’t like working, I don’t get paid much, but the work I have to do is bearable. And it gives me time to look for things to do that I do like.

Starfleet is one of those things, I work for CompOps with the database. Currently I’m having trouble accessing the database, the SSH doesn’t seem to work for me at the moment which is very annoying. Tony (Chief CompOps) is a very busy man, but he will have to help me out..

For those of you that don’t know, I officially belong to region 9, since I live in Belgium. Since the USS Liberty Bell is a meeting chapter I shouldn’t even be on the roster, but I’m glad to be here. The CO might need to look into making the chapter a correspondence chapter. (nothing really changes, so doesn’t really matter)

Once I get access to the db again, there are somethings I like to test. Like seeing who’s officially from what region. I’m now set to region 20 since the chapter belongs to region 20. But having been a CO of a ship in region 9, I know they don’t have many members. 52 at the moment in 2 chapters, with one chapter being focused on French people. So I’ve always wondered where the star trek fans are in Europe. I know they’re there. It doesn’t help that the RC lives in Iceland and doesn’t do much to help with anything.

But I’m rambling on and on, time to do something..

Live Long And Prosper

Captain Bardie

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