Captain’s log. Stardate 202203.30

All is very well with the ship and crew. We are definitely picking up momentum and spirit now.
I’m delighted to say we will be having our first proper party since the pandemic on May 14th so beam over and join us!

I couldn’t miss the opportunity to use a local venue that has the name Guinan’s.. it’s the owner’s surname but you know what I was thinking… USS Liberty Belle partying in Guinan’s!!
Looking forward to the results of the Region 20 Annual Awards and the Fleet Awards.
The crew is enjoying the ship’s Steps Challenge and the sfm Planet’s Steps Challenge too. I’m particularly proud of Chief Fiona Looney who never misses it and encourages everyone to take part.
Cadet Alice is progressing well in her studies and has picked up chess well.
We have shed some inactive crewmembers and gained a new crewman and some new friends on our social media main page.
Yours in service,

FCAPT Phyllis Seale Foynes,
CO, USS Liberty Belle.